Part 1 — Modal window [What is it?]

In this part, we will create a basic application with modal window. We will use the modal window as an information board.

The modal window in Supervisely appears after clicking on the launch button of the application. It can be used for at least two things:

  1. to inform the user

  2. to enter arguments

Table of Contents

Step 1 — HTML file

We use HTML to create the UI.

Here's our modal window:


    <h3>This is my first modal window app.</h3>

Simple. Isn't? Now let's add it to our config file:


  "name": "Modal Window",
  "type": "app",
  "categories": [
  "description": "There will be some description",
  "docker_image": "supervisely/base-py-sdk:6.1.93",
  "main_script": "chapter-02-headless/part-01-modal-window/src/",
  "modal_template": "chapter-02-headless/part-01-modal-window/src/modal.html",
  "task_location": "workspace_tasks",
  "icon": "",
  "icon_background": "#FFFFFF"

Step 2 — Results

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