Image widget in Supervisely is a simple widget that displays images using the HTML <img> tag, and is convenient to use when there is no need to add extra functions for displaying annotations or adjusting their settings, but only to display the image passed to it by url or local path.

Function signature




Image url or local path to image on the host. Determines image to be displayed on widget.

type: str

default value: ""

image_1 = Image(url="") # set image by url
image_2 = Image(url="/static/local_image.jpg") # set image by local path
image_3 = Image(url="/static/local_image.jpg", width=300, height=300) # set image with image sizes

image_4 = Image()


Image width in pixels or percent.

type: Optional[Union[int, str]]

default value: None

image_1 = Image(url="", width=300)
image_2 = Image(url="", width="300px")
image_3 = Image(url="", width="20%")


Image height in pixels or percent.

type: Optional[Union[int, str]]

default value: None

image_1 = Image(url="", height=300)
image_2 = Image(url="", height="300px")
image_3 = Image(url="", height="20%")


ID of the widget.

type: str

default value: None

Methods and attributes

Mini App Example

You can find this example in our Github repository:


Import libraries

import os
from pathlib import Path

from dotenv import load_dotenv
import supervisely as sly
from import Card, Container, Image

Init API client

First, we load environment variables with credentials and init API for communicating with Supervisely Instance:


api = sly.Api()

Get images infos from server

IMAGE_ID1 = 11073637
IMAGE_ID2 = 17526002
IMAGE_ID3 = 17526001

image_info_1 = api.image.get_info_by_id(IMAGE_ID1)
image_info_2 = api.image.get_info_by_id(IMAGE_ID2)
image_info_3 = api.image.get_info_by_id(IMAGE_ID3)

Get images urls

image_url_1 = image_info_1.preview_url
image_url_2 = image_info_2.preview_url
image_url_3 = image_info_3.preview_url

Initialize Image widgets we will use in UI

image_1 = Image(image_url_1)
image_2 = Image(image_url_2)
image_3 = Image(image_url_3, width="25%")

Declare static files directory path and initialize Image using image from local directory

local_image_url = "/static/my-cats.jpg"
local_image = Image(local_image_url)

Create app layout

Prepare a layout for app using Card widget with the content parameter and place widget that we've just created in the Container widget.

card = Card(
    title="Image Preview",
    content=Container([image_1, image_2, image_3, local_image], direction="horizontal"),

layout = Container(widgets=[card])

Create app using layout

Define static_dir parameter for using files from local directory. Create an app object with layout parameter.

static_dir = Path("media/001_image/images")

app = sly.Application(layout=layout, static_dir=static_dir)

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