Charts and Plots

Widgets for graphically representing data, such as bar charts, line graphs, or scatter plots


A widget that shows data as line graphs, ideal for tracking trends or comparing different data sets.


The widget lets you easily view and access multiple LineChart plots arranged in a grid.


Shows data in a color-coded matrix, typically used to represent the intensity or frequency of occurrences, with colors representing the value ranges


Versatile charting widget capable of displaying data in a variety of visual formats such as line, area, or bar charts


Specialized chart for displaying the performance of a machine learning model, showing the actual versus predicted classifications and commonly used in classification problems to identify model performance


Similar to the LineChart, it displays data as a series of points connected by lines, which is typically used to observe trends and patterns in data over a continuous interval


Widget allows displaying multiple plots in a grid layout, enabling the comparison of different datasets or different aspects of a single dataset side by side


Widget is used to display a scatter plot of numerical data, which is beneficial for identifying the relationship or correlation between two variables


Displays a treemap chart of numerical data, where each category is represented by a rectangle, and sub-categories are nested as rectangles within these


Widget for visualizing data in a pie chart format. It is commonly used to represent proportions or percentages, showing how individual parts make up a whole

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