Widgets that facilitate the selection of options from a set, which could include list boxes or radio buttons


Provides a dropdown list that users can interact with to select one of the predefined options

Select Team

Dedicated dropdown for users to choose from a list of teams available within their account

Select Workspace

Allows users to choose from a list of available workspaces within a selected team

Select Project

Navigational element for selecting from a list of projects that belong to a particular workspace

Select Dataset

Enables users to select from a list of datasets that are part of a specific project, streamlining the data access process

Select Item

Flexible component for choosing a particular item (like an image, video, volume ...) within a project

Select Tag Meta

Selection of TagMeta within a project, providing a way to categorize or filter items based on metadata tags

Select App Session

Users can select an active app session, useful for navigating between different states or instances of app usage

Select String

Simple selector for picking a single string value from a set of predefined options


Move or copy items between two lists


This component is used to select the destination project and dataset where the user intends to move or copy data


Tool to choose files from a shared team directory


Allows users to navigate and browse files within the given directory, which could include various types of documents or media


Similar to the 'Select' component, it provides a dropdown menu with a predefined list of options for the user to choose from


Dropdown list with hierarchical options


Class selector that can be changed dynamically


Tags selector that can be changed dynamically


Users selector that can be changed dynamically

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